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Meals on Wheels: This is a wonderful organization which provides meals for our center and local residents. They are always in need of volunteers to drive and deliver meals to the homebound residents. Most of the time this is a once a week commitment and the delivery route takes about an hour.  

Education: Throughout the year people with different areas of expertise visit the center to teach our members. These classes include crafts, financial planning, health and wellness, cooking, yoga, Tai-Chi, sewing, music and many others. Do you have a skill you would like to share? Reach out to the center staff and let them know. 

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Graphic of our bus

Bus Driver: One of the most essential elements of CSAC is the activities on site and off site. At times there is not a bus driver available and activities have to be canceled. This is of course not ideal. There is always a need for bus drivers and if you have experience driving you could make a big difference at the center. Please call the center if you would like to volunteer in this area.  

Maintenance and Building Improvements: For the last several months the staff of the center have been giving extra time and effort to remodel the center and improve its appearance for the community and the members here. There is always something to maintain or repair. Do you have this skillset? would you like to share your talents to help your community? Reach out today!

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Donation Graphic

Fundraising: Are you well connected with the community and local businesses? Do you have a special skillset for raising funds for nonprofits? There is always a need for help and assistance in this area. The Apple Festival is right around the corner and we would love your help! We would enjoy hearing from you if you have other ideas to help in the area of fundraising.

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